Jesus Creed

I reported yesterday that I got my first cell phone last Friday. I’ve learned a few things, not the least of which is how to take pictures. So, I took a picture of Brad Nassif, and then some of my students. I talk about my students to Kris often enough that putting a face to the names might help. When I first tried to take a picture I created a short movie of my feet and the floor, but I think that function is now clear.
For me one of the most important things was learning how to turn the thing off so it didn’t ring when I was teaching — which wouldn’t happen since no one knows my number — but still, after all these years of razzing students when their cells phone ring, I’d hate to have mine ring. So, I figured out how to turn it to “vibrate.” Which has created another problem: I wear microfiber slacks that are somewhat baggy (for a few reasons) and twice yesterday Kris called me and I didn’t notice it was vibrating because my pants are too baggy and I didn’t feel the phone.
The other issue is that it is against the Law to talk on cell phones while driving a car in the City of Chicago. The oddity is clear: you can have firearms as protection but you can’t talk on the cell phone while driving (because it is dangerous). But I digress. So, yesterday I was driving home, Kris called, and I realized that I was not supposed to talk on the phone while driving so I scrunched down real low so I could tell Kris I would call her back when I got on the Eden’s Hwy (which is not safer, but it is outside the City limits) and almost had an accident because I couldn’t see as well when scrunched down. Then I looked at the car next to me, and she was talking on her cell phone.
I’m getting the hang of it I think.

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