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Hi! It’s nice to be the bearer of GOOD news!! If all remains as is, Bob will be coming home this Friday!! [This is a note from Wendy.]
He is doing a “test run” trip home Wednesday so they can see how that goes and deal with any issues Thursday before they send him home for good (hopefully!)
He is sleeping much better and doing some normal activity (up and down steps, eating, typing on the computer and other rehab stuff). He is weak and tired after activity, so they will concentrate on strength-building, balance, coordination and endurance. Thankfully, he has his own personal physical therapist, and they plan on sending him as a patient to the PT clinic where Linda works.
Please continue to pray for healing and strength. Please pray that the kids are healthy for his planned return home and willing to adjust to his lower activity level and other needs. Please pray that Linda is able to do what he needs to help him recover well and take next steps.
We rejoice over this news, and pray that the Lord leads. I will continue to update you as I hear more.
And a second note today:
I just visited with Bob for an hour yesterday (Monday). Although he had a couple of rough days over the weekend, he was feeling great yesterday. He walked into his room from an occupational therapy session, dribbling a ball, and then sat down and ate a big lunch. All of his bodily functions are working well, and he is gaining strength daily. There is a good chance that he could be released to return home within the next week. He would enjoy having visitors, though, while he is still in the rehab unit at the hospital. You can visit at lunchtime and from 4 to 8 PM on weekdays, and from noon to 8 PM on weekends. He’s in room 429 at Mercy Medical, at the 13th Street exit off I-77 in Canton.
Herb Kolbe
Senior Area Director, CCO

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