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I’m on Spring Break this week, so I’ve had more time for reading blogs.
Blog post of the year for me: Dawn Husnick’s story of the ER.
“Me and Mike have grown a lot closer.” I guess.
Help for the church this week: Dan Kimball’s post about church pews.
And Alan Bandy’s got a nice series of interviews going on, and I’m one of them!
1. Emerging ideas at the heart of Willow? See this story. (HT: Scott Wagoner)
2. Spring trips are used by most colleges as an opportunity for the sports teams to get ahead for the season: NPU’s track and field teams are combining competition with service. Good for them!
3. I have been a huge fan of George Marsden since the early 80s when I read his book on fundamentalism and on the history of Fuller, and so I heartily recommend his new piece on how fundamentalists became so politically involved. Marsden mentions a southern evangelist named “Fighting” Bob Shuler, and I wonder if he means “Phil” Shuler. Does anyone know?
4. China Doll Pitchers: Story #2.
5. The Jolly Blogger has hit us in the heart! (HT: Jordan Barrett)
6. Nice post and thoughts by Anthony Smith.
7. Jamie Arpin-Ricci’s fourth post on the gospel: sacramental ecology.
8. I’m not a scientist, but this statement on the growth of the universe after the big bang strikes me as an understatement: “In that trillionth of a second after the big bang, the universe expanded from the size of a marble to a volume larger than all of observable space through a process known as inflation.” Inflation — hooie, that’s called explosion. I love it when people watch their terms.
9. Hurry, somebody give Marko a hug.
10. excerpts some pages from a book of mine about to come out: Praying with the Church.
11. Remember Flannel Graphs: I do.

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