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Wisdom of the week: from Hamo about personality cults.
You know I’m a big fan of Pastor Jim Martin, who has the wisest blog in the world, but if you’re young (married less than ten years or thinking about it even), then you need to listen to his great advice on 41 things to know about marriage. And if anyone tells you it is one thing, don’t listen to them: there’s lots to learn, and the list gets longer the longer you are married.
Potent blog of the week: Karen is at her best here. Read it, and if you like it read her Hero Mama, which is now in paperback as After the Flag has been Folded.
Blog gift of the week: Jamie Arpin-Ricci’s creative, artistic life of St. Patrick.
What is Ash Wednesday (we just had it)? If you don’t know, read this by Mark Roberts.
Emerging at Time magazine? (HT: Garry Poole)
1. Things we do for love, and Marko’s done it all now: Bird splint.
2. I agree: something needs to be done about the behavior of athletes, Olympic or not.
3. Jordon Cooper is a great blogger, and I got my idea of Blogs of the Week from him. From him I get this discussion on the future of blogging. (BTW, it’s got a good future.)
4. No desire to blog again about homosexuality, but I’m with David Fitch on this one. He asks the right question after he states what he learned from Driscoll and McLaren.
5. From Brad Boydston: It is OK to tell us that the Swedes may end marriage, but just don’t tell Jack van Impe.
6. Br. Maynard has a nice post about emerging theology. He thinks there could be rise in theological meeting of minds and a commitment to praxis over doxis.
7. Ted Gossard’s thoughts on ecumenicalism — not just one kind.
8. According to Lark News, I’m in a backslidden condition (my score: 55, and it could have been 45).
9. I’m no fan of a regular diet of sarcasm — ever read Father Joe? — but this story of the Testimony Bee over at Lark News is a hoot. I’ve seen this sort of thing.
10. Lightning has just begun a series on co-pastoring with his wife; he was recently asked to minister somewhere and he discussed co-pastoring, etc., with them… and this post begins what will surely be a nice series on women in ministry.
11. China Doll Pitchers: Story #1 of 2006.
I have no desire here to offend friends or foes, but I’m no fan of home-schooling — maybe because my father was a public school teacher, family members are public school teachers, and … well, other things come to mind. Why do you think parents decide to homeschool? Anyone know a study on this?
Blackberry News: They’ve (RiM) settled for $612 million, and (shock of all shocks) now announce they’ll have to reduce their projected earnings for the fourth quarter. Dang, I hate when that happens.

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