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Matt Robinson writes: Good evening! Today is Sunday, Feb. 19. I’m sorry for the delay in updates. Linda just called and said Bob is progressing, only in very small steps. The trach is helping. Now they hope tomorrow to insert a feeding tube. At this point, he has been fed through a tube up through his nose and down his throat. His stomach now needs to empty properly before they can put in the feeding tube. The feeding tube is another step in his recovery. Bob’s blood pressure is still being carefully watched by a hypertension specialist. They are trying to keep his blood pressure and lung function at continuously stable levels to help his recovery. He is awake off and on for short spurts (30 seconds) and has shown the sides of his personality we love — his great sense of humor, love for his wife and kids and eager responsiveness to people speaking to him. Apparently Bob has communicated quite a bit with smiles, facial expressions, nods and some movement. This has encouraged Linda greatly. God is so good for giving her these glimpses of normalcy.
Visiting hours during the week are 10, 4:30 and 8:00 for about 30-minute intervals, sometimes longer if things are calm in ICU.
Please pray: that his feeding tube can be inserted and work properly/give him the right amount of nourishment;
that his blood pressure and lung function will stablize properly;
that he would recover soon and be in a condition where his three children can see him and be encouraged;
that the Holy Spirit would comfort him in any confusion when he wakes and doesn’t know exactly what’s happened (or forgets because of his medication) and that the Holy Spirit would minister to Bob spirit during times of quiet.
Meals are set for this week for Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Next week I have two tentative (Pletcher and Katigbak). Please let me know if a particular day suits you. Thank you, thank you for your support!

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