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The blog of the week is the story about Bob Robinson, former student, fellow blogger, and energetic, enthusiastic emerging voice who is now ministering to college students. Bob had emergency heart surgery (see here) and we are still asking for prayers for him, for Linda, and the children. I have been updating what I hear on this blog (one of which is published today, Saturday, 11 Feb.)
1. Good story of the week: Mark Wilson re-opened the doors of a closed church. Read about it here.
2. I remember when Betty Friedan, who died this week, was the center of cultural controversy. From Peoria, IL, she didn’t play well there at one time. Story of her life here.
3. Steve McCoy’s blog at its best: the SBC fellas are having fun.
4. Nice to see Evangelical leaders willing to take a stand on environmental issues; where are the others?
5. 41 things a pastor ought to know: from Jim Martin.
6. Question: Do you and your spouse share e-mail access? Karen’s got a good post on this. (We share ours.)
7. How do you renew yourself? Read Fr. Rob Merola’s nice post. Leave a comment, and tell him I sent you; one of my all-time favorite students. (He used to baby-sit for our kids; he fell in love with one my best Greek students, whose scores dipped that semester but her eyes were full of life — which Greek just can’t do for many.)
8. Who’d be the evolutionary apex for you?
9. Thanks Brother Maynard, for reminding us of one of the 20th Century’s great Christians: Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I’ve been trying to get glasses like Bonhoeffer for years.
10. Was I separated from birth from these guys? Marc thinks so at purgatorio. But, I thought my brother was George Castanza.
There is a report of a movement of God’s Spirit at Asbury.

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