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1. Perhaps the “blog of the week” is the non-blogging about the Emergent-Jewish conversation. After mega-flapping about what would happen, now that it has happened, I’ve hardly seen a comment. Maybe I missed it — and do point it out, because I’m not sniping here.
2. [Blog to which I linked is not working: not working now. Sorry.]
3. David Fitch has insights about worship and technology — and weaves in Jerome Bettis’ mother!
4. Thanks to Barack Obama, it looks like the Democrats are learning that the way to oppose appointments like Judge Alito is to persuade the American public of a more Democratic orientation — instead of using stall tactics and political or media chicanery. We will see if the Democrats learn.
5. What I learned in logic from my mother: thanks Hamo!
6. A good example of gracious, generous orthodoxy at Jim Martin.
7. I have been reading Andrew Jones for about a year, and this post on emerging-missional is exactly why. Andrew speaks with an independent mind, but one in touch with what is going on; and he speaks with perspective from the growth of the emerging movement. (I happen to think there is also an ancient-future element that is not always that missional.)
If you like fountain pens and won’t get into trouble with those who love you, I’m recommending a very fine pen by Pelikan (maybe my favorite fountain pen maker) called “Piccadilly.” (If you buy one, tell them I sent you and maybe they’ll give me a discount.) I bought their similar Piazza Navona because Kris and I had dinner at that Piazza last summer.

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