Jesus Creed

Our days in Mexico are about over now. Kari, our niece, the track runner from U New Hampshire, left this morning. We take off tomorrow morning.
My early-morning little heron got within about 10 feet of me today. He was in hot pursuit of some bug and realized a little late how close he was to me. I finished the splendid biography (half-biography) of Jane Addams today, and have begun a book of essays by Thomas Lynch, the undertaker from Michigan who lives part-time in Ireland. It gives him a handle on all kinds of topics. The book is called Booking Passage: We Irish & Americans . I’ve read two books of his essays before, and am looking forward to this one.
Kris finished the memoirs of Thomas Sowell, and will shortly begin K. Clinton’s study of Harriet Tubman, on whom I focused a chp of Embracing Grace. She was a fantastic woman: a five-foot gospel walking on earth. Kris is taller than that, but she’s a walking gospel too.
We each ordered a glass of tomato juice at 10am and they brought us a Bloody Mary. Never had one of those, and wasn’t about to give one a try at 10am.
No blogs of the week tomorrow. Sorry.

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