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Here is our press release for Embracing Grace: A gospel for all of us , by “all” I mean for all Christians and for each part of us (heart, soul, mind, strength).
There is no better way to prepare for Easter than to spend the Lenten season contemplating the gospel we all believe. Embracing Grace has fourteen chapters, with discussable introductions in both Embracing Grace and in the Companion Guide to Embracing Grace. This gives sixteen weeks, four months, with one study a week to reflect on the great themes of the gospel itself: humans as Eikons of God, the fall (when the Eikon cracks), the restoration of Eikons into a community of faith, and all this through the three great acts of God: Cross, Resurrection, and Pentecost. Each of these themes is illustrated with stories from Christians all across the Church spectrum — from St. Patrick to Harriet Tubman to Karen Spears Zacharias, recent author of Hero Mama.
Embracing Grace: A gospel for all of us is a fresh look at the gospel wherein God restores his Eikons to union with himself and communion with others — for the good of the world.

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