Jesus Creed

Mark Roberts’ series in response to Bart Ehrman is very good, and anticipate a series I plan to do myself. I’ve linked to only one post in the series.
1. I really like my son’s post on Airports. I’ve been all over the USA this year, and I’ve noted the same two things: (1) people doing everything they can to get as many carry-ons as possible, and (2) airport personnel being about as nice as Jesus. And you might voice your choices for novels on his Friday post.
2. David Fitch’s self-confessed rant on hospitality.
3. We may never be able to stop talking about how to blog charitably, so Jason Clark’s post is timely.
4. Bless Will Samson’s words.
5. Advice for Worship leaders from Purgatorio.
Pray for and keep giving to New Orleans. Karen Spears Zecharias has a recent report.

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