Jesus Creed

Some might suggest that football is the best thing going right now. If so, they’d probably point to:
1. Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning or
2. Chicago Bears with the best defense and the lumpiest offense ever.
Others might point to the NBA with its nearly meaningless games (at this time of the year) and nearly endless games (with too many TV timeouts) and nearly superhuman- sized players who push and shove their way around so they can get a shot off in the minuscule time allotted by the shot clock.
1. I’m not even interested.
Others might point to hockey, and I’d give them a hat tip for being interested in a game that is totally meaningless to me. Soccer on ice, I say. And I don’t care for hockey.
Should you wish to know the purest and best sport to watch right now it is:
The Tennessee Lady Vols led by Candace Parker. Hands down, the best thing going. Mark my words, she is the Michael Jordan of basketball, the Tiger Woods of men’s golf, the Bart Starr of football, the Ryne Sandberg of baseball — and she’s in her first year of eligibility.

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