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Today’s post will look at the crises of a woman in a married life, including adultery, divorce, widowhood, and the issues surrounding levirate marriage First, we look at adultery: a Jewish man could only commit adultery by sexual intercourse with […]

I’ve been asked to post a picture. Yep, that’s Kris and I. Don’t ask our ages when we got married.

32 years ago today, wearing a bright red tuxedo and decked out with a full head of hair, I waited at the front of our church’s sanctuary while my beautiful bride, Kris, marched down the middle aisle and there we […]

Today’s post will continue our series of summing up what Tal Ilan has described in her book and today we will examine what the ancient Jewish sources tell us about preserving a woman’s chastisty, another major concern in a patriarchal […]

This is the last post in my Advent and Christmas series. Today’s post will move from Matthew’s Gospel to John’s Gospel. John has his grip around an idea that Matthew just mentions: Matthew tells us that they are to name […]

Today’s post will look at what the sources tell us about a woman’s biology. Jewish sources, because of the laws about purity in Leviticus, dwell on such topics. I find this topic to be simultaneously off-putting for some but it […]

We are looking at women’s place in the world of Jesus in order to comprehend a more historically-informed understanding of women and ministry. Today’s post will look at two subjects in the ancient Jewish world: what does the evidence tell […]

Zondervan has asked me to offer you this invitation: Dear friend: In just a few weeks I’ll be part of the 2006 National Pastors Convention in San Diego on February 22-25, 2006. I thought you might be interested in what […]

If Luke’s emphasis of Jesus’ birth can be seen through the lens of the “great contrast,” Matthew’s can be viewed in the hunted and heralded Savior. In Matthew, Joseph and Mary co-habit, Joseph names the baby boy (“Yeshua” or Jesus […]

In this series of posts on Jesus and women, there will be a comprehensive survey of what we know about women at the time of Jesus. Our big question is this: What did Jesus and the early churches think of […]