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It took me 28 years to figure out I could help Kris in the kitchen. I am now the cook in our home, and I have plenty of years of work ahead of me to even the score. I admit, I love it. Last night on our way home from church we stopped at Panera’s for some dinner just before we did grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s — my favorite grocery store. We had (at Panera’s) Cuban Black Bean soup — and Kris suggested I figure out how to make it.
So, last night I searched a bit on the internet, found a recipe, and today our home has been filled since about noon with the aromas of black beans, some lentils, and a bundle of spices and veggies.
Kris never really enjoyed cooking and I never thought it was my role and she wanted our kids to eat something healthy and on time so it worked out in our family history that I was useless in the kitchen. One day it dawned on me that I could help out and that men can cook other than with grills or outdoors.
Now Kris shops and then plans the meals and gets things out in the morning. She says, “We’ll have salmon tonight.” It is mine to figure out the rest — I love it. So, I got into cooking … I’ll be sharing some recipes over time.
Risotto, I must admit, is my favorite meal to cook.

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