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This series is my own preparation for Advent, and it will look at the First Christmas and how various characters encountered the First Christmas. “What was Christmas like for….?” is the question we are asking. We will look at Zechariah […]

This post is the first in a series of a review of Eugene Peterson’s new book, Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places: A Conversation in Spiritual Theology. There will be a gaggle of speakers in this series, including me (I’ll […]

Our NPU Biblical and Theological Studies Dept was invited to attend the book launch for Frederica Mathewes-Green’s new book, First Fruits of Prayer. We were shuttled over to St. Michael’s Russian Orthodox Church where we were given some finger foods […]

We were joined yesterday by another colleague, BN, and without asking permission, he simply joined the chorus of snorning last night. Right now, behind me, he lies — arm over his head and snoring plentifully. His distinctive contribution is the […]

The blog of the week goes to Steve McCoy who, unknown to me, sitting in my office when Don Hagner and I were talking about divorce and remarriage, videotaped us and has now posted a video of it — with […]

One of the advantages of spending a weekend with my friends in Philadelphia is experiencing how others sleep. Both of my roommates, sometime past midnight, decided to begin snoring — as I waited for the slumbers of sleep to wash […]

Here it is: in Matt 5:38-42 Jesus summons those who want to follow him to a radical way of life. They are to avoid, at all costs, seeking revenge. Jesus sets it up by quoting Exod 21:24 (or its other […]

Our entire Dept is attending the SBL/AAR meetings this weekend in Philadelphia. I’ll be giving a paper in response to James D.G. Dunn’s Jesus Remembered on Friday morning at the ETS meetings, and then Saturday morning I’ll respond to John […]

One of my children was in the habit, as a child, of saying this: “I mean it.” When challenged a little more: “I really mean it.” And when a little more: “I really, really mean it.” Which means, when saying […]

How about that? It is the 16th and it just dawned on me that you are still three years older!