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Some of you will remember a previous post when I suggested that a “purple” theology probably will not find the word “authority” as the appropriate word for Scripture. Now, I have no truck with the word “authority” apart from the […]

Christmas meant Missional Transformation: Luke 1:76-79 John (Yohanan)’s task is clear: Zechariah tells him, at his birth, that he is to be a prophet who will prepare the way for Someone Else – the Messiah. John’s life is a life […]

This, from the BCP, and in The Divine Hours today: Almighty and gracious Father, we give you thanks for the fruits of the earth in their season and for the labors of those who harvest them. Make us, we pray, […]

Christmas meant Liberation Praise: Luke 1:68-75 Like many of his day, no one perhaps more than the pious priests, Zechariah longed for the day when the Roman occupation of the Land of Israel would end. Some scholars today are nervous […]

Evangelicals define different parts of the Church by theology. The Emerging Movement is not cooperating, and hence Evangelicals are doing what they can to get it to — and the tug of war will continue until one of two things […]

Along with most of you, I am occasionally — perhaps three times per week — interrupted in my reading and writing by someone who calls our number to sell me something I haven’t expressed interest in or to ask me […]

Christmas meant a New Name for a baby: Luke 1:57-66 The neighbors were thrilled for Elizabeth (they do not mention Zechariah), and they understood her pregnancy and birth as the “great mercy” of the Lord. On the day of circumcision, […]

The following is a slightly-adapted set of questions I used for a discussion with two others at Willow Creek Community Church’s TruthQuest event last spring. My responsibility was to take the pacifist side. I took the tack of asking questions, […]

Christmas meant Silence and Speech: Luke 1:18-25 Zechariah yearned for the day when God would step in and redeem Israel from its problems. But, when that day was announced, Zechariah, like Abraham (Gen 15:8), asked this question: “How can I […]

This is a video of a young man’s attempt to tell his love in song. Some, they say, have it all. This might become a hit.