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While I was a seminary student I began to drink coffee; soon I was drinking too much of it, and my doctor told me to knock it off. During my PhD days in Nottingham England, Kris and I began to drink PG Tips tea, and my coffee days were long past. But, since going to NPU, I have begun to drink coffee unless I’m at home (tea only), and now have tasted most of the major brands (sorry No-Logo folks) and I have some definite opinions.
First, Starbuck’s, in spite of being #1 right now on my poll, burns their beans and makes the opening taste a slap in the face. Too strong.
Second, Dunkin’ Donuts fans have something in their favor. Whenever we’ve been around Bostonians there is a clamor for Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. We’ve had some, and I think it has a nice aromatic taste. No Nachgeschmack as they say in German — no aftertaste.
Third, Pura Vida does give me a bitter Nachgeschmack. I avoid it if I can.
Fourth, the best coffee taste in the world for me is either Tully’s or Seattle’s Best. Simply good, always good, smooth.
Fifth, our local train station has a Caribou shop next to it, so I often find my way into it (and it is my stop in the car on the way to school, too). It is good coffee – just behind Tully’s and Seattle’s Best. But, very good.
When Kris and I walk on the weekends at Independence Grove, we stop at Wildberry’s for a cup of Seattle’s Best. (We used to stop at McDonald’s — what can I say other than “Awful!” when it comes to that coffee? It has no Nachgeschmack because it has no Geschmack!)

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