Jesus Creed

Good reminder from Bob Robinson, whose site is always worth reading. The struggle in the South is far from over.
1. John Frye’s series on Jesus as an Emerging Pastor. Good stuff to think about.
2. Jeff intersects theology and photography.
3. Hamo’s got it: there are times when we are ready for a book and times we are not. When your friends press you to read a book you’ve got no yen for, read Hamo’s post again.
4. At the request of my Honors Bible class, the Numa Numa Dance.
5. If the blogworld is anything it is creative, and this new site, Basinandtowel, is at the top of my list in recent discoveries.
6. I can’t say I’ve seen more creative photography than can be seen at Kirk Bartha’s nice blog.
7. Somehow I happened upon Brother Maynard’s site that is a blogroll — and it is a nice aggregator.
If I have to choose a “favorite blogger,” I think I’d have to choose Steve McCoy — I don’t know how someone can come up with so many creative and serious topics — all in the same blog.

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