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I have also been impressed of late with the thought that the final state of humans shapes what the gospel is all about. That is, the various mosaics of the final state of humans tells us a lot about what […]

The Kermit Zarley Lectures at North Park University, November 14 and 15, from 3:30-5:00pm, will feature Professor D.A. Hagner of Fuller Theological Seminary. Professor Hagner will lecture on Jesus, Paul, and Judaism. The public is invited. They are held in […]

I have been impressed of late with this thought: how people define the gospel is determined by where they start or, even more interesting, where they end up. Put slightly differently, what is the problem being resolved by the gospel? […]

Recently a fellow blogger put me on to the No Logo site, and it made my head spin with implications for understanding the gospel. Far too many of us advocate a gospel that favors our brand of the Church: Protestant, […]

Chapter 3 of James Houston’s The Mentored Life is opening up to me what this book is all about, and in this post Brad Bergfalk and I will interact with this chapter on Stoicism. The Mentored Life is about “world […]

I will provide links here to reviews, whether good or bad, and direct discussions of Embracing Grace, and I will update this post. Review by Jamie Arpin-Ricci.

It is no wonder the White Sox walked away with the American League Championship Series: they played, as the game is meant to be played, like a National League team. They moved runners over, they played for runs and not […]

In resuming our discussion of what the gospel is, I thought I’d record how my own mind has developed on the meaning of the gospel. First, my childhood gospel was a personal forgiveness for eternity gospel. I was taught by […]

That football game between the Bears and the Minnesota Vikings, a true purple team… how do you describe what is going on with the Vikings, both on and off the field? (I’d rather they wear advertisements.) Like Saul, they began […]

The Amish and Old order Mennonites are known for their simple clothing and their simple homes and their simple life-style. Professional athletes need to learn from them. Why? I saw it again last weekend when John Daly was battling Tiger […]