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Pastors have a nearly impossible task. Especially pastors of mega-churches. Because they are asked to do so many things, speak at so many other functions, and render judgment on nearly everything that comes along, pastors can develop one of two […]

Of all the crosses I see on churches, I like the Methodist cross the best: a cross, an empty cross, with the sign of the Spirit surrounding it. Can it get more complete? You computer folk could do better than […]

I promise not to blog (much) about the gospel in the immediate future, but it is a topic so central to what we do (and believe) that it deserved some attention. On top of its importance, I’m trying to give […]

Summary (Brad Bergfalk) Houston moves from describing the “Heroic Mentor” and the “Stoic Mentor” to what he calls the “Secular Psychotherapeutic Mentor.” Houston asserts that the “therapeutic mentor” is the most pervasive of the three in American culture. The “therapeutic […]

George Barna, in his new book Revolution, claims the primary source for the new generation’s spiritual formation is shifting away from the local congregation model to a more fragmented model. That is, we get what we need from the sources […]

Because I was hearing so much chat about Barna’s new book, Revolution, I thought I’d read it. Here’s the nub of the book: there is a revolution going on in the Church (big “c” not little “c”), and it concerns […]

We’ve been visiting family in New Hampshire this weekend where we had a wonderful time. My niece attends the University of New Hampshire, and we went with her parents; we stayed in a B&B in York Village near the coast. […]

1. Jason Clark’s explanation of “Emergent-UK” — nice read for those of us who need to realize what this is all about. 2. Eddie Gibbs offers a balanced and fair review of Carson’s book, noting its strengths and its weaknesses. […]

On my way to my doctor for an annual physical this morning I got to thinking about this “No Logo” gospel, and that some have commented back that “No Logo” is as much about “branding” as anything, and that the […]

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and an author of many books about Christian spirituality, has recently published Where God Happens: Discovering Christ in One Another, and I want to jot down a few notes about what I think is a […]