Jesus Creed

I haven’t heard any official rain information about the Yankees deciding to cancel their game today, a game which could have seen the Yankees taking the deep bow in front of millions. But, knowing such fatalities, they up and cancelled their game. It rained the other night in Atlanta, and those teams played. The Cubs play with icicles on the Ivy, and they play in October when the icey winds blow off Lake Michigan.
Last night the Yanks fought the weather, and the weather won. So, they won today by cancelling so they could bow out tomorrow — when people are watching football games or Tiger Woods winning a golf tournament.
As I said, I don’t know the weather report, but everyone knows the motive of the Yankees on this one. Bow when the fewest are watching.
The BoSox bowed out in front of the whole world. Bravo to the boys from Boston!

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