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A recent meandering through the new biographies at Barnes & Noble confronted me one more time with a bald fact of our time: people want to read biographies with salacious details or biographies of celebrities who have achieved — well, […]

In this final post on how Paul understands the ministry of the gospel in Colossians 1:24-29, we want to look at the goal and source of this ministry. Again, this is not about what pastors do or professional evangelists, but […]

I’m trying to get through my entire blogroll each week, but the book on prayer has kept me so busy I’ve not visited them all. Kris reads perhaps even more than I do, but I’ve found the following blogs this […]

Lots of folks claim to be Cubs fans, but some of them are Parousiacs — that is, fans who hang on so they can participate in the final coming of ultimate victory when the Cubs win the World Series. Other […]

In our last post, we looked briefly at how ministering the gospel is to take place. This post continues that. How are we to minister the gospel?

A 350 pound fat man wrestling with another 350 pound fat man so that the latter can manhandle a 215 pound quarterback standing still, or a sleek 200 pound man on the edge of life trying to hit a 95 […]

The answers are this simple: 1. No Yankees. 2. No George Steinbrenner. 3. The Cubs. 4. Wrigley Field. 5. Ryne Sandberg.

We’re back from Grand Rapids and the Civitas Lectures at Cornerstone University on After Evangelicalism. I heard some nice panel sessions, had lunch with Kris and Jim Kinney of Baker (where I heard the story of how they are bringing […]

Kris and I spent the night in South Haven, are heading for breakfast, and then up to Grand Rapids for the conference on Post Evangelicalism. I wish we could have heard Bob Webber last night, but we avoided the traffic […]

I don’t know your reasons, but for me the #1 reason baseball is superior is…