Jesus Creed

The Confessions of St. Augustine has won. I must admit I’m surprised by this, mostly because I wasn’t aware that many had read it. I read it deeply in college, found the last few chapter boring beyond boring. Two or so years ago I read it thoroughly again. Apart from those last couple of chapters, I loved it again.
I’m glad for Pilgrim’s Progress because my read of our day is that not many read it anymore. I’ve read Griffin’s new (hilarious) translation in the last couple of years of Imitation of Christ, but I prefer Blaiklock’s translation. I thought the Calvinists would seize their chance here and vote in Edward’s Religious Affections, which is one of my favorites of all time.
The next poll is an emerging movement question: what is the ideal size of a “church” or “gathering” (if that is what you prefer) for you? Please don’t get into quibbling here. If you prefer a certain size church but also another size for a gathering, you’re mucking up my poll. I have in mind simply this question: what is your ideal size for a church, or if you prefer it to be called a gathering, what is the ideal size?
I don’t know the exact numbers the church growth folks use, so I’ve given my own. If this is really off base, someone of you will inform me of my ignorance.

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