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We’re in a series of blogs about Top Ten Books. We’ve looked at Spiritual Formation, Missional Formation, Jesus books, and the Apostle Paul. This one is on New Testament Theology, by which I mean books that take on the big picture of the New Testament synthetically (which is rare) or which sort out the “theologies” of the various authors/figures in the New Testament (which is what most do).

But, first this: some have suggested we read the NT first. Of course. It goes without saying. But most people don’t need suggestions on where to find a Bible. With the incredible variety and overwhelming number of books (and blogs!) being published, sometimes it is of help to hear what others recommend.

1. G.E. Ladd, A New Testament Theology
2. G.B. Caird, New Testament Theology (finished by Lincoln Hurst)
3. P. Stuhlmacher, Biblical Theology of the New Testament (2 vols.; forthcoming; available now only in German; but soon to come out from Eerdmans)
4. J.D.G. Dunn, Unity and Diversity in the New Testament
5. O. Cullmann, Christ and Time and Salvation in History (two classics rarely read today)
6. R. Hays, The Moral Vision of the New Testament (limited theme; rich study)
7. R. Bultmann, Theology of the New Testament (hard to know where to put this; but has to be here somewhere)
8. C. Rowland, Christian Origins
9. G. Strecker, Theology of the New Testament
10. E. Stauffer, New Testament Theology

There are two others by noted Evangelicals:

D. Guthrie, New Testament Theology
I.H. Marshall, New Testament Theology (which I nominated for a Gold Medallion Award, but don’t know if it won or not)

Now, if you can read German or French, there are some others:

K. Berger, Theologiegeschichte des Urchristentums
J. Gnilka, Theologie des Neuen Testaments
F. Vouga, Une théologie du Nouveau Testament

Tomorrow: My favorite Top Ten Books: New Testament Studies, on just great books with a big influence.

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