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Played golf this morning, so am just getting to the blog. The big difference one notices in entering into the early churches is this: kingdom language is largely dropped and ecclesia (church) language is picked up. There all kinds of […]

Check this post out on whether or not Carson has been fair to Frei and Lindbeck. Should make for a good discussion on Harbinger.

Just finished a book many of you probably have already read, Michael Yaconelli’s Messy Spirituality. Very much along the line of Yancey’s What’s So Amazing about Grace?, Yaconelli’s book is disarmingly honest and filled with stories that ring true about […]

Today’s text is Matthew 11:2-6. John the Baptist, in prison, gets disciples of his to find Jesus and ask Jesus if he is “the one who is to come” or not. (Note: “the one who is to come” is from […]

As if blogging on Kingdom of God as society is not enough, Books and Culture brings to us today a nice study on what we really know about how influential Evangelicalism is on the Bush Doctrine. Whether you agree or […]

In thinking through what it means to be “missional,” and in reading some stuff about it, I came across John Burke’s No Perfect People Allowed and blogged about it already. But, a book that tells the story of what is […]

Kingdom of God is the central vision of Jesus, and today we want to look at the Beatitudes in Luke 6:20-26. It is tempting to expand such a consideration, and look at all of the Sermon on the Mount/Plain. I’ll […]

What did Jesus mean by “kingdom of God,” and what did he have in mind — in real world living — when he packed his vision into this expression? A good place to start is with Luke 4:16-30. I’ll cite […]

My son and his wife have a little Cairn terrier, named Slater (after the surfer), and that makes us, so they say, “grandparents of a grand-dog.” His favorite activity is to look out windows and give people and animals grief […]

In my 22 years of teaching I’ve had some students with great names, but #1 on that list is a student now: Lightning. Last night Lightning and Sarah invited Kris and me over for dinner and fellowship. They are planning […]