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This the fourth post on the Pharisees, provoked as it was by comments I’m hearing about so-and-so being a “Pharisee,” will look at the meaning of “hypocrite” in Matthew 23. Five observations, leading to a summary definition of what Matthew […]

In recent blogs I’ve read, and in some e-mails I’ve received, I’m hearing a theme, a subtle one but one that appears to have plenty of punch and power with plenty. It is this: “this is an issue for the […]

In this post we look at the Pharisees and Jesus. Our goal here is not to provide an exhaustive listing of everything, but to list some highlights of what Jesus says about the Pharisees. Tomorrow’s post will examine what the […]

In this post we want to look at what Josephus, a 1st Century AD Jewish chronicler, has to say about the Pharisees. Josephus takes two pictures of the Pharisees, one in Bellum Judaicum (=BJ) book 2 (162-4) and one in […]

In this first post on the Pharisees, I wish to remind us of what we have learned about the Pharisees and I wish to get us to thinking about the potential danger of our rhetoric about them. Before I go […]

Lesslie Newbigin is a leading thinker in the Emergent conversation, and his Foolishness to the Greeks: The Gospel and Western Culture, which I finished last night, is a book still worth reading (published 1986). [The link will take you to […]

Kim Lawton of PBS TV informs me now that the Emergent conversation TV show has been pushed back to the weekend of July 8 and 15, so keep your eye for the PBS interviews.

Brian McLaren’s Generous Orthodoxy, on my first read, created all kinds of dialogue in my own mind and I found very few to discuss it with because I was not yet a blogger nor had any of my colleagues read […]

In this the fifth in a five-part set of posts on the Four Spiritual Laws, I will look at the fourth spiritual law of Campus Crusade’s influential evangelistic tract. We must individually receive Christ; then we can know and experience […]

In this the fourth in a five-part set of posts on the Four Spiritual Laws, I will look at the 3d spiritual law: Jesus Christ is God’s ONLY provision for Man’s sin. Through Him you can know and experience God’s […]