Jesus Creed

In one day I was asked to write two articles on the Emergent movement, give one TV interview, and then to lend a hand to something that was being written. All because of Tall Skinny Kiwi, I told myself, and his decision to speak forth about DA Carson’s book.

Well, how about this from Chaucer to say something central about Emergent concerns:

“first he wrought, and afterward he taught.”

I would like to see an Emergent leader write a book on St Francis, for he was a powerful figure in the “perform the gospel” rather than just talk about it.

We’re putting our house on the market and I’ve been painting all day and running errands and doing the sort of thing you have to do to make your house a little nicer looking. Tonight is a Department dinner — the whole gang of us: Boaz Johnson, Brad Nassif, and the newest member, Genevive Dibley.

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