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Scholars and theologians alike today like to bang the drum of individualism, and I’ve done the same myself. It is a big drum, and it sounds loud, and most fear its power. Andrew Delbanco, for instance, in his happy little […]

We were up in Oregon (practice saying “Or-ee-gun” and not “Or-ee-GON”), went to be with Trinity Covenant, which is an absolutely splendid church — and I can say that about a lot of churches, and also about this one. Lots […]

Up here in Oregon and last night had a session with high school students and then shifted to the “adult” body of the church for a Jesus Creed talk — and I spoke about what it is and how it […]

When I was teaching at TEDS one of my students showed up to class late, and then proceeded to tell me her “story”: she knew God wanted her to come to class on time, she knew Satan was against her […]

Kris and I are off to Salem OR this weekend to speak to the good people at Trinity Covenant Church, pastored by Chris Haydon. I’ll try to get a blog or two in if we find access to the internet.

Theologians at least since Luther, who was developing the rhetoric of Nicolas of Cusa, have often used what is called the via negativa. In essence, the via negativa is to describe something (say the Emergent movement) by saying what is […]

I have been asked maybe fifty times in the last month this question: “What is driving the Emergent movement?” “Who am I,” I come back at ’em, “to answer that question?” But then like a truck in wet sand, I […]

I suggested yesterday that Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead expresses deep themes that find expression also among the Emergent folk, and I’d like to record here one of those comments. It comes near the end of the book, when Pastor John Ames […]

No, I’m not talking about A New Kind of Christian or The Story We Find Ourselves In or The Last Word and After That. Instead, I’m talking about Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead and the theology of Pastor John Ames. Of course, […]

This essay was previously blogged under “What to read” but I have now, at the helm of Bob Robinson, posted it as a link and a pdf file. Never Alone “…the truth that reading and its necessary twin, writing,constitute not […]