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Issue #3: What is Truth and how do we put it together?

Furthermore, DA Carson’s book fails to deal with what “truth” means. It regularly tells us that we can know truth, that we find it everywhere in the Bible, but he doesn’t really define it and expound it at length. I think we could benefit from that, and I think the Emergent movement would like to see what he means by Truth to see if they agree, if they don’t, and why and that sort of thing.

It seems to me that we are dealing with something that is rarely discussed but is everywhere present. Namely: DA Carson and classical systematic theologians see the Bible as Revelation; they see it as susceptible to propositional revelation (and they don’t necessarily thereby deny narrative truth); and they see the need to do everything we can to exegete Scripture in order to find the “underlying systemic truth” of the Bible.

Emergents, so far as I can tell, think that this underlying systemic truth is to be found in something other than a systematic theology. They see it in a fundamental relationship with God through Christ as revealed in history and the Scripture and therefore they would see the “unity” of the Scripture in this personal relationship. Call it a story or a narrative.

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