Jennifer Cares

When you’re open to it, hope can come into your life anywhere, anytime. 

When was the last time took some time to listen to and enjoy music? It can absolutely help to inspire you to create hope in your life!

The medical community is recognizing that listening to music has a deep, positive effect on the body and brain.  Music Therapy is being used to help with healing among cancer patients, pain management, children with ADD, people with depression, people with anxiety disorders, and more!

Research has shown that the beat of the music actually has an effect on brain waves, breathing, and heart rate…pretty powerful!

Although we all have different tastes, we all have songs that make us smile, and even jump up and dance.  Remember what it was like to just have fun and lose yourself in a favorite song for a little bit?  Try to get that back at some point this week!

A song that’s been doing it for me lately is WAKA WAKA by Shakira.  It’s hard not to move to the beat and the lyrics are motivational and inspirational. (…Today’s your day, I feel it. You paved the way, believe it…) 

Plus, Shakira donates portions of the profits to a fund that helps to educate children in Africa.  All very feel-good, hopeful stuff!

What song makes you smile?

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