Jennifer Cares

We’ve talked before about how we all have the power to create hope in our lives.  With a goal of moving through life with a higher level of hope, this week instead of wishing—or hoping—to feel more hopeful, let’s create a strategy for hope.

To create a strategy, I want you to think of a Plan B—or two…or three.

Having one goal, one ideal for how your life should be is all well and good.  Working toward that goal is wonderful.  But, what happens when you’re thrown a curve ball? When things don’t go the way you anticipated, it’s easy to become confused, afraid, and disoriented.

Part of the reason for that is because many of us only keep one idea of the “perfect” life in our minds—without a back-up plan we don’t know what to do when things don’t turn out that way, and we lose hope.

As caregivers, we deal with unexpected news…life-changing twists in our life journey.  To create and maintain hope, work on increasing the number of goals you have for yourself. Doing that allows you to have a greater sense of control and fulfillment, and helps a great deal in keeping you more satisfied and positive about the future.

Have a great week!


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