Jennifer Cares

When you’re going through a caregiving situation, it’s easy to feel isolated and alone. The truth is, of course you are not alone. More than 50-million people in the US are volunteer family caregivers. Many are going through the same kinds of struggles that you are going through.
Studies show that caregivers tend to withdraw from social situations, and even friends…partly because they feel they just don’t have the time to commit to anything for themselves.
Staying connected is so important for your mental health, and I love what one organization I know about is doing to help caregivers stay connected—on their own time, without even having to leave the house!
The National Family Caregivers Association (celebrating its 15th anniversary) is launching e-communities around the country to help family caregivers to be able to reach out to others near where they live. These caregiving communities have already been established in Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Virginia, and more are on the way!
Through these communities, people register and then email others to begin conversations, and share helpful information.
I am looking forward to the opportunity to interview Suzanne Mintz, president and co-founder of NFCA for Take Care! Her personal story of caregiving is inspirational, and her crusade to make life easier for other family caregivers has wonderful support and power. I just received a copy of Mintz’s book, A Family Caregiver Speaks Up, which offers information regarding how caregivers can best work within the healthcare system, as well as discussion on the effects of public policy in a caregiver’s life.
Mintz has been on the Today show and other national programs as a strong advocate for caregiving issues. I’ll keep you posted on when I’m able to have a discussion with her.

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