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This week I had to stop everything for a little while; get out of my usual writing look (little-to-no makeup, hair in a ponytail on top of my head, big, gray, comfy t-shirt, khaki stretchy ankle pants) and clean myself up as best as possible for a photo shoot.
Our mission was to get a picture for the back of the book.
This came right in the middle of last rounds of editing for advance materials that my publisher needs to take to a national presentation next week. (No pressure at all).
Here’s the picture my publishing team chose…this is the one that you’ll see on the back of Take Care! when it is released next March.
From the outside, this picture has such a peaceful feeling to it I think. It was taken in my backyard. I’m sitting on one of the green Adirondack chairs that my family sits around in under our tree deck on warm nights. The purple pillow behind me was pulled from the window seat in my kitchen. The worn white porch swing hanging behind me came from my mother-in-law and father-in-law’s house.
The weather was perfect. The sunshine was wonderful. My photographer, Becky Thurner, was happy to be able to use natural light.
You can’t tell that our dog (a little puggle) was running around us as we worked. You don’t see any of my five, or the four of my friend and makeup artist’s five children who were over that day. You don’t see the laptop I kept checking to stay connected with other things needed for our editing deadlines.
Although it was a little crazy at the time, it was nice to have the attention! Gina (makeup artist) came prepared to give me a classic face for our shoot. (It really is an easy way to think about makeup—neutral colors that give you a nice, polished look. If you’re interested, you can watch Gina describe the basics of a classic face).
As far as the writing is concerned, one of the elements we finished to include in the advance excerpt materials is the chapter on fitness. It features research and a nice variety of ten minute tips that will show you:
1. the importance and benefits of making exercise a part of your life
2. how you can manage to allow regular exercise to become a part of your life
For this chapter I interviewed my friend, fitness guru Leslie Sansone, creator of the best-selling Walk at Home line of fitness DVD’s and products. She shared good information about walking, as well as a ten minute walking plan.
I also talked with a doctor who works in a rehabilitation center. She sees the negative results that occur when people don’t take care of themselves. She gave me tips that she gives her patients.
I talked with a Registered Nurse too, who is in charge of a Preventive Care program and creates programs to help people become (and stay) strong and healthy. She had some great advice and motivation to pass along.
I’m happy with how everything is coming together so far. We’re on a roll now, and I can’t wait to get this book out. I know it will be able to help a lot of people. (I hope the people at the national conference next week feel the same way)!
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