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One evening, as I sat around the table with a handful of my buddies, the conversation turned toward our fathers.  I was quiet for a long time.  As a fatherless adult I didn’t know how to engage the topic.  Then a question came to mind that I had always wanted an answer to, so I asked, “When did you know you that you were a man?”

One by one my friends shared stories of how they grew into manhood.  I was in my early twenties and, as I listened to them share, an essential fact of my life was confirmed:  I was a man.

The difference between my friends and I is that they knew this fact and I didn’t.

That’s why I am grateful for Jim McBride’s new book, Rite of Passage:  A Father’s Blessing.

McBride believes that, “Adulthood shouldn’t be an accident.” and “In an era of aging pre-adults and wandering “adult-olecents,” it is essential that we as parents guide our children toward knowing when they have crossed from childhood to adulthood.  It is imperative that a father “call out the man or woman in his growing children?”

As the father of six children, I couldn’t agree more!

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We begin our study of the one book in the Bible that doesn’t mention God!


The day is now here – the state of Georgia has set Troy Davis’ execution date for September 21st.

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear his final appeal earlier this year.  But the story remains the same – Troy Davis could very well be innocent.

However, in the state of Georgia, the Board of Pardons & Paroles holds the keys to Troy’s fate.  In the days before Davis’ execution, this Board will hold a final clemency hearing – a final chance to prevent Troy Davis from being executed.

Davis was convicted on the basis of witness testimony – seven of the nine original witnesses have since recanted or changed their testimony.

One juror said in a CNN news interview:

“If I knew then, what I know now, Troy Davis would not be on death row.”

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