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Not long ago I read, The Other Wes Moore:  One Name, Two Fates. Wes Moore grew up poor, fatherless and in a drug decayed neighborhood.  So did the other Wes Moore.  Wes Moore became a paratrooper, decorated veteran, Rhodes Scholar […]

Congratulations to Denver’s own Slam Nuba! Last week they traveled Boston and competed against over 300 poets and brought home the honor of being National Poetry Slam Champions. Seventy five teams entered the competition and by the time he finals […]

This man had immeasurable kingdom impact!  (Read the CT article, “John Stott Has Died,” here)

This weekend is so bittersweet for those of us who grew up without fathers.  The statistics are 40% of all children and 70+% of African-Americans grow up without a man in the house.  It creates a pain and longing that […]

Carl Ellis in his book, Free At Last? The Gospel in the African-American Experience, makes this profound statement: It is a disgrace that we have not learned to preache ‘the full counsel of God’ through our history, the way Stephen […]

Last weeks easter message…

“De-Egyptianization” is the term for what happened to Israel in the desert.  After four hundred years of slavery their culture and identity was virtually destroyed and in need of restoration.  They were in such bad shape that even though God […]

At The Sankofa Institute we are reading Carl Ellis’ Free At Last:  The Gospel in the African-American Experience.  Outside of the Bible this is the most influential book in my life.  Ellis is seeking to demonstrate a way for all […]