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At the end of Jazz Theologian Live! experiences I hand out covenant cards.   They contain a summary of what it means to consider oneself a jazz theologian. I’ll unpack each one individually over the next few posts on jazz theology. […]

In my book, Finding the Groove:  Composing a Jazz-Shaped Faith, I sought to put on to the page what we see on the stage.  We do not need to be jazz musicians to practice a jazz-shaped faith.  Rather, there are basic […]

Jazz Theologian Live! Experiences Thousands of people have packed into ‘standing room only’ Jazz Theologian Live! experiences.  They are a beautiful marriage of the spoken word with jazz, soul, and gospel music in which seeker and seasoned Christian alike are […]

I’ve been searching for a new woodshed (a place to think, pray, practice the faith and finish my book). I’ve been praying for a cool little room in a church bell tower where I could have 24/7 access.  God has […]

When I survey the wondrous cross, I am horrified.  Tattered and torn skin…blood matted hair…pain induced quivers…the death of God.  A man so battered and betrayed that words…fail.                                                                                                  Selah When I survey […]

Let’s play a game called:  Find the spiritual analogy (there are no right or wrong answers so don’t be afraid to take a risk) A Jazz funeral is a public event.  Once a family has memorialized their loved one they […]

Composing a jazz-shaped faith is about practicing Christianity.  When a musician takes the stage practice is assumed.  A basic understanding of one’s instrument, music, standards and the essence of jazz are all necessary (and expected) in order for concert to […]

A jazz theologian is someone who has discovered that jazz is more than music.  Therefore… We are practicing Christians.  Having spent sufficient time in the woodshed learning the old standards we now syncopate, improvise and respond the the call of […]

It’s a joy to join the community. I’m looking forward to lively conversation about Christianity, books, music, God’s heart for orphans and, of course, composing a jazz-shaped faith. Feel free to comment anytime and join the groove.   Oh, yeah…don’t […]

This week I'm speaking at a Pastoral enrichment day for the Atlantic and Susquehanna Brethren Conferences in Harrisburg, PA.  Last time I was with these wonderful Christ-followers was in 2007 and I was deeply blessed.   I'll be speaking twice […]