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In a previous post I wrote about, The Other Wes Moore, the story of two men with the same name and similar backgrounds yet vastly different destinies.

Recently, the Rev. Leon Kelly stopped by The Sankofa Institute for a conversation.  He spoke us about A Tale of Two Michaels:  Michael Hancock and Michael Asberry.

Recently The Denver Post wrote:

Michael Hancock and Michael Asberry were born in the same year and grew up in the same northeast Denver neighborhood.  They knew each other.  Were friends.  Lived through similar hard times.  Both were natural-born leaders.  Hancock ran for student council, led a nonprofit, became a citycouncilman, and…became mayor of Denver.

Michael Asberry formed the city’s most violent criminal gang, Denver’s version of the Crips, in the 1980s.  Known as “Cyco” on the streets, Asberry was in and out of prison through his adult life and was trying to put his life in order in 2008 when he was shot and killed in front of an Aurora apartment.”

(Read the complete Denver Post Story here)

As you watch Michael Hancock’s campaign video (below), “Never Gave up” and consider the very different outcome of Michael Asberry’s life–again, “What made the difference?”  Is it the person?  Is it thee environment?  God?

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