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tim_tebow_(2).jpgLiving in the Mile High City the Tim Tebow bandwagon has arrived and the line is forming.  There are hopes that he’s the next John Elway who will lead us to the promised land.  Before he even took a snap in the NFL Christians were already celebrating him.  After all, Tebow recognizes that God has given him fame and notoriety for a reason.  As a follower of Christ he deeply desires to be a good witness for Christ.  And then there is Michael Vick.  After serving 21 months in prison for running an illegal dog fighting ring he’s having a MVP contending year.  Vick is a true story of rehabilitation, redemption and rebirth. 

Yet it seems to me that while Christians have been quick to jump on the Tebow bandwagon they/we have hesitated when it comes to Vick.  With the exception of Tony Dungy who has vouched for Vicks transformation I don’t see many Christians running to stand with him.  Why?  Is it because Tim Tebow is a professed Christian while Vick, well, I’m not sure where he stands personally with Jesus? 


The scriptures are full of folk that are far less than pristine when it comes to praxis and profession of faith yet we herald them as heroes of the faith.  It seems to me that it is God that we should celebrate and what he is doing in someone’s life rather than a person’s ability to keep up with what God is doing.  When we don’t then we are all to willing to abandon them when they fail us. And they will.
God’s grace is flowing freely to Tebow & Vick equally.  That’s worth celebrating. Isn’t that reason enough to buy and wear both jerseys with pride?
Join the groove:  Do you think Christians are responding to Vick and Tebow differently? What’s your take?
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