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In June, I gave a message on understanding the times and knowing what to do.  In the sermon I said this:

I fully believe, that in our lifetime what we are going to see is that 9/11 isn’t going to be something that just happened in New York City.  It’s also going to be something that happened in San Francisco, Denver and Chicago as well…its coming here, it’s going to be in our own back yards.  I think the day will come when churches are targeted when it comes to terrorism.
Join the Groove:  People of God, we need to prepare ourselves now for what may be around the corner.  We must be ready to respond as Jesus would if, God forbid, we find ourselves attacked.  As Christians, what would it mean for us to be prepared?
Here is my message on Understanding the Times and Knowing What to do.  In it I give my answer as to what I think Christians need to do in times such as these. (The sermon begins about 4 min. in and the portion I quoted above can be found 15 min. 35 sec. in)

washing the feet of our city-out serving from Colorado Community Church on Vimeo.

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