The Jazz Theologian

You can bring the Jazz Theologian Live experience to your city, church or university–Dates are available for 2011 & 2012

Thousands of people have packedinto standing room only Jazz Theologian Live!experiences.  These events are abeautiful marriage of the spoken word with jazz, soul, and gospel music inwhich seeker and seasoned Christian alike are invited to compose a jazz-shapedfaith.  It’s an experience of thegospel unlike any other method, movement, or structure.  Using metaphors found in jazz, theseevenings reveal the breath-taking possibilities for the body of Christ and amore genuine expression of our personal faith.

Imagine your local jazz venue. One hourbefore the night’s event, the doors open, and the line of people waitingoutside perks up and begins to shuffle inside.  The expectant crowd finds their seats and stools, orders foodand drinks, and enjoys conversation with one another. 

At the appointed time, the bandbegins to play a set of music, slowly drawing the crowd in.  A couple of songs into the set, I takethe stage as the band softens their playing.  “What if,” I ask, “Ralph Ellison was right when he said thatall of American life is jazz-shaped? And what if you don’t have to be a jazzmusician–or even a jazz connoisseur–to compose a jazz-shaped faith? For jazz ismore than music, and it can help us understand Jesus, his vision for those whofollow him, and his heartbeat for a world that is badly out of sync…” 

After attending, Wayne, a pastor, said”That was awesome.  A one-of-a-kindexperience.  I just went on theGospel’s journey through the depths of human blues to the heights of the toe-tapping,syncopating jazz improvisation.  Iwas entertained and impacted.  Nexttime, I’m bringing my entire staff.”

After Wayne, Michael and Catherine,a married couple, also came up to me. “We found the rhythm of God’s beat together tonight.  Now we have some listening, praying andtalking to do as we learn how to perform with God in concert together.”

Similar experiences are available for your college or university through the Resident Jazz Theologian Live! experience.  In this in-class learning experience,interactive dialogue ties together American History & Literature, stories of jazz greats andthe basic elements of jazz for the purpose of considering scripture, community,church and calling from a new angle. Then, in partnership with the school’s music department, we put on aJazz Theologian Live! event.

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