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Some say that we discover who we are as we tell the story of our life.  That every chance we get to reiterate where we’ve come from we also reinterpret who we are.  This is the value of community.  Meeting new people affords us the opportunity to once more answer questions like–“Where are you from?”  “What was your family like growing?” “What do you do?”  

In the process, we once more answer for ourselves who we are.

In “The Stories We Live by:  Personal Myths and the Making of the Self,” Dan McAdams argues that we usually tell our story in one of four ways:  comedy, romance, tragedy and irony.  The first two are positive and the latter two are negative.
In general I agree with McAdams but I believe that there is another form that our stories can take and when they do healing and wholeness arrive in our lives and we truly know who we are.
Join the Groove:  When you tell your story, which form do you use?  Do you see any other options to comedy, romance, tragedy and irony?
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