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In the latest post from Peter Kreefts book, “Between Allah And Jesus,” the question of Muslims and Christians having a common source came up.  I asked Aziz Poonwalla for his take on this and also what it means for a Muslim to call a Christian an “Associator?”

In return Aziz asks me, why Christians so recalcitrant to admit that we have the same source?  Why do we find it so hard to admit the obvious, “Same God–different theology?”
I think that the answer is two fold:  Ignorance and Fear.
Ignorance:  In my experience, the average Christian doesn’t know the common origins of our two faiths.  That is, we haven’t even thought about Isaac & Ishmael and the obvious implications.
Fear:  As Christians we are convinced that while there are many ways to Jesus there is only one way to God.  And to not see Jesus as the way makes a difference for time and eternity.  It should be easy for us to admit “same God–different theology,” but I think that we are afraid that if we admit (give ground) then we are compromising our fundamentals.
I don’t think that these reasons are valid but, nonetheless, I do think they represent reality.
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