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(Today we begin a three week conversation between myself and my fellow Beliefnet blogger

Aziz Poonawalla.  We are discussing excerpts from Peter Kreefts new book, “Between Allah & Jesus.  This week we are interacting around chpt. three:  On Jesus and  Muhammad.  To get the most out of these conversations please read the excerpt from Dr. Kreefts book.)

Brother Aziz,
I’ve been looking forward to our dialogue.  In order to give our readers some time to read the excerpt why don’t we share some personal information.
Who am I?  I’m a follower of Christ.  Married for sixteen years with six children between the ages of five and twelve.  I’m privileged to be the Lead Pastor of Colorado Community Church, an inter-denominational, inter-national church in the Denver area.  I’m also an author, adoption advocate and jazz theologian.  (My full bio is here)
Aziz, tell us about yourself.  Who are you?  What do you love?
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