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I’m currently reading, “Between Allah & Jesus:  What Christians Can Learn from Muslims.”  It’s about, “What would happen if Christians and a Muslim at a university talked and disagreed, but really tried to understand each other?  What would they learn?” […]

I admit it. I keep chuckling about Rep. Hank Johnson’s concern about Guam tipping over.  Makes me wonder though…What should I know that I don’t?  What are the things I assert dogmatically but have no clue?

Nike’s commercial feature’s Tiger’s face with the voice of his late father.  What do you think?

Ever since God escorted us out of the garden there has been one simple rule of relationships:  Peace with God precedes peace with others.  If we try to reverse the order it will never work.  At Babel we even see […]

Much thanks to Lisa Ann Cockrel for such a nice review of my book @

I’ve been searching for a new woodshed (a place to think, pray, practice the faith and finish my book). I’ve been praying for a cool little room in a church bell tower where I could have 24/7 access.  God has […]

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Let the tears roll…

When I survey the wondrous cross, I am horrified.  Tattered and torn skin…blood matted hair…pain induced quivers…the death of God.  A man so battered and betrayed that words…fail.                                                                                                  Selah When I survey […]

Let’s play a game called:  Find the spiritual analogy (there are no right or wrong answers so don’t be afraid to take a risk) A Jazz funeral is a public event.  Once a family has memorialized their loved one they […]