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Upon reflection, here are my thoughts on the Super Bowl commercials.

This one with Larry Bird made me feel old…

I didn't know Abe Vigoda was still alive…

Why was Leno in an ad for Letterman?

Erwin McManus, Pastor of Mosaic, has always said the the church should be a place of creativity.  It was nice to see his add, The Casket, garner enough votes to make it to the big show.

Speaking of Christians making a commercial, Focus on the Family took an uncharacteristic, non-confrontational approach. Hopefully this is a sign of the kind of leadership we can expect from, Jim Daly, their new president.  Looks like they might have got their money's worth as well with all of the controversy leading up to it as well.

At first I laughed at this one, but now I want to cry…a little kid without his daddy is no laughing matter.

Love to hear what you thought…

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