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Call & Response are a part of jazz because jazz was conceived, birthed and incubated in the church before the church abandoned IT, rejected IT and forgot IT. If improvisation highlights the fact that every person has a unique contribution […]

Dr. Gregory Laughery is the L'abri Fellowship in Switzerland was kind enough to read and review Finding the Groove:  Composing a Jazz-Shaped Faith.  I am grateful for his kind words (a a five star review on Robert Gelinas has […]

Improvisation is the risk of composing in the moment. When you read God's iteraction with Abraham as he pleads for Sodom (Gen. 18), Moses as he negotiates with God after the golden calf (Ex. 32) or the story of Jonah–God […]

I'll be discussing Finding the Groove on a variety radio shows beginning today… Friday April  3–For those of you in the Midwest tune into Along the Way 12pm (MST) Monday April 6–In Cleveland, Ohio be sure to set your dial […]

Syncopation is accenting the offbeat.  It is not discovering what is hidden but rather what is already there but not heard. Syncopation is what brings life to jazz causing you to want to take on the cool head nod in […]

Here's a review of Finding the Groove Live! by Christian Philosopher and Denver Seminary professor, Dr. Doug Groothuis…

Grammy award winner, Wynton Marsalis tells the following story about discovering IT. Now, my younger brother Ellis couldn’t understand all this fuss about jazz.  He wasn’t a musician, and jazz just didn’t speak to him.  But he figured it might […]