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I went to jail today.  

A friend of mine works there and invited me to take a tour.  It's sad to see beloved creations of God sitting around, wasting away, bored to death.  The Arapahoe County Jail is over it's capacity by almost four hundred and so inmates are triple-bunked into their small cells at night making room for 16oo people.  The common thread in most of their lives is alcohol and drug abuse.  More specifically, cocaine.
My head is swirling because I just finished Thomas Cahill's book, A Saint on Death Row:  The Story of Dominique Green.    It's a story of hope, rehabilitation, reconciliation and forgiveness among the forgotten convicts who live in locked down for twenty-three hours a day.  

Pray for our overcrowded places of incarceration.  They are horrible places of hope.  In the midst of the violence and mental illness God is doing his redeeming work by his Spirit and through his people who serve on the inside.
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