The Jazz Theologian

I couldn't take it anymore!

"She touched me!…He's not playing the game right!…They came in my room!

So I grabbed the first box in sight, cut a hole in the top and inscribed:  Tattle Box.  I then proceeded to sit the tribe down and explain that the tattling needs to stop unless someone is being hurt.  At the same time, they need to be able to express to us things that concern them about their siblings behavior; therefore, the tattle box complete with "Tattle Sheets."

Just right down name, complaint, day and put it in the box.  If you come and tattle to us about something that is not serious you lose a point (the point system is a whole nother post).  Barbara and I then check regularly and follow up.

We ran out of tattle sheets before the day was out and had to make more–the box was full (but our ears were not).

Ahh…I love the Tattle Box.
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