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Well, I've set the table and I'm looking forward to dining with John McCain–the sailor turned senator.

My questions for the evening would be…

  • Tell me about your first fight?  McCain is a fighter. Last November his campaign was all but over and yet he fought back and is the last man standing for his party.  This kind of grittiness was honed in the military but my guess is that it began in the schoolyard.
  • How has your brokenness made you a better man?  He has faced death, been a prisoner of war, divorced and defeated.  Some people seek to fortify their weaknesses and others realize that they are frail in need of a greater strength that they do not have.
  • What has adoption taught you about your relationship with God?  McCain adopted the two children of his first wife and, in his second marriage, adopted a child from India. Adoption is one of the clearest expressions of what our Heavenly Father has done for us.  So I wonder if McCain has allowed the spirit to speak to him about this.
  • What do your friends call you?  As a sailor, I'm sure he picked up a lot of nicknames…Johnny Boy…Mac Daddy…Sidney…(his middle name is Sidney…Maybe that's how his first fight started!
What do you think and what questions would you have?


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