The Jazz Theologian

Well, now that I've had dinner with the VP candidates it's time to break bread with the top of the tickets.  If I were able to dine with Obama I'd jazz things up a bit.  My questions for him would be…

  • Can you get past the first two words of the Lord's Prayer?  (As a man who never had a daddy, I know first hand what it feels like to discover God as your Father.  Usually when I pray the Lord's prayer I camp out on, "Our Father.")
  • Who are you and how do you know?  (Being an African-American, literally, the son of an African and an American the journey to identity must have been hard fought.  He has shared some of this in his books but I'd want to know more about the source of his true identity.)
  • Are you a compromised man?  (This is not meant to be a political question.  In his book, Audacious Hope, he demonstrated a desire for creative tension.  That is, holding on to two sides of an argument and pursuing a third way.  I like this approach but I wonder what the cost are…)
  • Did people make fun of you because your initials are B. O.?!

 Politics aside, what would you ask?

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