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What would you ask Sara Palin if she came to your house for dinner (politics aside)?  I'd spend a lot of time on faith and family.

  • When do you feel most used by God?  Governor Palin must feel stifled when it comes to speaking about her faith.  Given the fact that she attended a Pentecostal church at one time and describes herself as a "Bible-believing Chrsitian" she must feel even more censored given the bias against evangelicals.  I would love to hear her speak freely about her relationship with Christ.
  • What did you discover about your husband, after you were married, that made you fall in love with him all over again?  Todd Palin is a mystery to most and given the fact that they eloped at a young age I'd love to hear what added depth to their relationship as time passed.
  • What are you top five movies or books? 
  • How has God used pain to refine your soul? Biden's pain is obvious, Palin's is not.  I know that she has a special needs child but most people with a DS baby consider themselves twice blessed.  So I'd like to know what she has faced that has broken her and left her in need of God's daily sustenance.

Well those are my questions, what would you ask? 

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